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Hot Date Night

Hot Date Night Tyler, TX

East Texas’s hottest new date night is here! If you enjoy a laid-back environment that you can personalize with your choice of music, food, and beverage, then we’ve got you covered. The cost is $120 and is a minimum 2-hour event. Each couple works at a different pace, so if you need a little longer, we ain’t gonna kick you out 🙂

You can, of course, bring a friend, a family member, or anyone of your choice. You do not have to be romantically involved to enjoy hot date night.

You can choose from a dinner bell, a railroad spike knife, a steak turner + bacon flipper set, a pair of leaf keychains, or a 4-piece set of kabobs. This is a private event with just you, your hottie, and Jimmy and Melinda, the owners of Redneck Knifeworks.

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This is a fun and educational experience for your memory bank. Great for first dates or the hundredth date.