See Jimmy in action on Forged in Fire, Season 7, Episode 31, Titanium Smackdown

Our Story

Redneck Knifeworks is the culmination of legacy, experience, providence, and good old-fashioned stick-to-itiveness. While our name suggests a bit of a wild country edge, it is also an honest assessment of the everyday working man’s ability to put in a day’s work and make quality products that last for ages. With 40+ years as an outdoorsman, our founder puts special emphasis on the function and durability of the blades he designs. By respecting the time-honored traditions and imparting the best of modern techniques, our blades are ready to accompany you on your next adventure. Take a redneck wit’cha!

Meet the Rednecks

Jimmy, Head Redneck

Born in Louisiana and raised in Texas, Jimmy has a unique legacy of craftsmanship that shows in all his creations. His Tex-Mex Cajun style and 25+ years of experience are evident in every handcrafted blade.

Jimmy started with TDCJ as a CO (correctional officer) at the Coffield unit in 2005. By spring of 2006, he promoted to field boss. In 2008, he became a volunteer chaplain’s assistant. In 2011, he became chaplain at the Telford unit. In 2012, he moved over as chaplain at the Powledge unit, was selected to be one of Texas’s death row chaplains (a Witness Support Liaison for the offenders’ families), and was present for 53 executions. Jimmy retired as head chaplain of the Coffield unit in 2015 and pastored a local church. He resigned that pastorate in 2018 and embraced life as a full-time knife maker. He may have a story or two to tell….

Melinda, Mrs. Redneck

Melinda is the inspiration for the classic approach to the things we design. Her background is in art, graphic design, and publishing with emphasis on book designing, where she specializes in non-fiction. She has a great eye for color and symmetry and brings a fresh look to our designs.

Jace, aka Baby Bull

Drawing from his gaming and military interest, Jace (18) makes each build a little more “next gen” in attitude. We look forward to seeing what he has to offer the blade world in the months and years to come. Either way, it ought to be interesting!

Ginger, aka "G"

Ginger (13) is our most enthusiastic team member. Drawing from her interest in theatrical sword fighting, she loves to help in the shop. She wants to build swords and has already drawn up her own designs.